Key Achievements

As Creative Project Engineering Leaders, we deliver multiple projects in a cost and deadline competitive environment whilst continuing to closely support local & international manufacturing sites from concept, through launch, to series production. This strength lies in product focused engineering skills which have been applied across a broad range of mechanical and electrical vehicle systems.

Our key Achievements:

1. We led a cost reduction program bringing savings of £850,000/annum, subsequently recognised in the Clients worldwide Customer Satisfaction and Ingenuity Award.
2. Turned around an inherited, failing Toyota programme and achieved successful, on time launch.
3. Created the clients first, modular, electronically controlled power seat product range whilst remaining within constraints of the existing core, manual products.
4. World class development of Fiat 500 seats from concept to launch in 14 months.
5. Grew a turnkey product development group for design, prototypes, pre-production and testing and retained key skills throughout various restructuring programmes.
6. Developed and launched the first-to-market air suspension system for light commercial vehicles.
7. Managed the transfer of manufacture to low cost countries whilst providing advice re local process suitability; supporting development of local expertise and ensuring product performance and adherence to specification.
8. Whist we are based in the United Kingdom, we have worked on Projects in France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, USA, Japan and Spain. In addition, we have guided & engineered projects in India, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey and China.


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